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In The Beginning:
High Performance Products was established in 2004 as a marketing and distribution company. Our aim is to build a portfolio of selected, innovative products from small manufacturers and open them to a global market.
Although still a very small business, marketing and distributing our products worldwide is up most in our focus and goals.

Our Products:
The products we add to our range are unique and have a specific place in their own field.
Whilst mainly electronic based, we are keen to expand the portfolio into a diverse blend of product categories.

Marketing & Distribution:
We make the most of internet based marketing with individually product focussed websites, national and local internet advertising and other cost effective promotions.
Marketing and distribution of our products at present is based in the UK and New Zealand.

The Future:
We are constantly looking to contact businesses offering new or innovative products to add to our existing range.
Distributors and local agents are required worldwide and we can offer a very exciting, low cost start up business.
















View our dedicated websites:

New Zealand:       www.drivewayalert.co.nz

United Kingdom: 

Driveway Alert / Perimeter alarm systems for rural and residential applications. Farm Security, wireless intuder alarms.

Parabeam Driveway Alert / Perimeter Alarm Systems offer solutions for wireless detection of people and vehicles in areas such as: driveways, gates, entrances, yards, perimeters, fence lines, gardens, property frontage etc.
Extremely cost effective and super reliable, these systems give you the convenience and security of knowing when someone is on your property. Parabeam is your first line of defence because it detects intruders before they reach your property.

The systems are ideal for farms, orchards, nurseries, stables, outbuildings, residential properties, business properties, timber yards, vehicle compounds, fuel storage, any outdoor storage, holiday homes, golf clubs, car yards, vehicle wreckers, the list is endless.

With the use of solar power, the systems do not require costly mains power supply and the ease of fitting means no electricians costs either.

The point-to-point infrared beam can stretch up to 50 meters enabling concealment of the units and protecting a huge area.

The range from beam transmitter to the main receiver is up to 500 meters. Up to six beam sets can be enrolled to the main receiver.

The systems are expandable an can suite almost any situation by adding extra beam sets, main receivers, pocket pagers, external sirens, external or internal visual alert strobes, text message alert.

The system can also be incorporated into any fixed alarm system.

Parabeam Driveway Alarm / Perimeter Alarm Systems. Wireless infrared point-to-point security beam, solar recharging - no wiring required.

Blue Eye Remote Control Distribution - Operate your home entertainment from any room. Distributers and recommended installers wanted.

Blue Eye
Remote Control Distribution

View our dedicated websites:

New Zealand:         

United Kingdom:    

Blue Eye Remote Control Distribution. From just a single room system or expandable to the whole house.

Blue Eye components let you use your remote control to operate your entertainment equipment when hidden away in a cupboard or in another room. Components are available for single and multiple room applications.

The systems are designed to assist with the modern move toward concealment and centralization of audio visual components.

The basic components of our systems include:
The receiver, which collects the remote control infrared signals.
The control component, which processes the signals.
The flasher, which reproduces the original infrared signal from the remote.

All components are compatible with the latest Sky and MySky components.

Some Blue Eye components include:

The Stealth Kit - this is a great plug n play solution for a single room application where audio visual components are hidden in a TV stand console or situated in a cupboard with a wall mounted plasma screen.

The Active Flasher Module - built in signal processor and multiple stick-on flasher heads.

The Distribution Hub - for multi-room applications. All receivers and flashers are connected to the central hub. It two channels enabling multiple components of the same make and model (such as Sky decoders) to be operated independently.   
Operate your audio visual components from any room in the house. Also called IR extender, infrared remote extender.

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