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View or save a copy of the Parabeam quick start guide to see how easy the security beam really is.

  Download Quick Start Guide pdf.

Parabeam Driveway Alert and Perimeter Alarm products are an easy DIY installation. At each side of the point-to-point infrared security beam there is only one screw to attach the enclosure and one screw to attach the solar panel.
There is only two wires to connect the solar panel to the enclosure circuit board.
Examples Installations & Images


Application shows beam accross driveway

The security beam spans the whole width of the front of the property.
Even though the driveway is not a great length the invisible infrared beam works well, protecting the van and contents. With no clear view of the driveway and garage front from living areas Parabeam is a must for the early detection of visitors and intruders.

Parabeam Transmitter with solar panel mounted just above.
The solar panel faces up to a 'window' of clear sky.

This image shows the infrared security beam units mounted and aligned.
Note the use of the small angled bracket to set back the unit on the post.
Alignment is done very easily by eye and a simple alignment test is included in the quick start guide and full instructions.

The Parabeam 500-S Base Receiver is compact and can be placed in a position where it can be heard anywhere in the house or business premises.
The rocker switch on the front panel gives the option of high or low tone / volume. Outputs on the rear panel can drive external sirens or strobe lights.
On the rear panel there is also a socket to connect a text message module. This module can send a text alert to up to 8 mobile phone numbers.